Estate Planning for Families of all Ages


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People often start thinking about a family estate plan after someone in their family has died.  Only then  do they discover that their loved one’s estate plan was so outdated that the intended purpose was lost.

Traditional Estate Planning

Some Estate Planning firms prepare basic estate planning documents for you that you may find complicated and confusing. You may get a cursory explanation, leaving you bewildered.  You sign the documents anyway and exit relieved that you can check this task off your to-do list. Afterward though, you think of a question you meant to ask and call your lawyer but have to leave a message. After several rounds of “telephone tag” you connect. Finally your question is answered, but later you receive bill for 15 minutes of your lawyer’s time.  We do not use the hourly billing methods in estate planning so you can ask any question, anytime with no additional charge.


Utah Family Estate Plans Helps You Prepare for Life

Sometimes we meet people who were referred to our office after someone in their family has died.  We soon discover that the their loved one’s estate plan is so outdated that it will no longer achieve the intended purpose. “Traditional” estate planning was meant to serve those nearing the end of life.  The intent was to be sure that wealth would be distributed according to the decedent’s wishes.  Unfortunately, so many people prepare a trust or will and then put it away and just forget about it. Regardless of your age you have to think about your plans for your families’ well being every time there is a major change.

Utah Family Estate Plans was created with the needs of new and growing families in mind. The estate planning industry was not designed in the past to serve growing families who experience change on their way to financial success.  Changes that would require modifying a trust or will happen frequently when we are young.  Purchasing a new house or  new car for example.  Adding a vacation property or adding members to the family are other triggering events.   Estate planning has changed with more young parents realizing that it is feasible that their family could be left with nothing if premature death should befall them. As hard as it is to think about that possibility look around, watch the news.  Children are oftentimes left without either parent in the most tragic situations.

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We Love To See Young and Growing Families Planning For the Future

Our program was created not just to prepare estate planning documents for older clients, of course we do that too.  Our new focus is on the specific estate planning needs of all families, particularly growing families.  We are prepared to update your financial plans as needed, so that your information is always up to date while your family is growing.

Utah Family Estate Plans was created with the needs of growing families in mind. Especially while your family is growing you have to be sure you have  provided financial security for your loved ones. This is our priority for you as well. At Utah Family Estate Plans we answer your questions at your convenience; we stay in touch with you and get together with you as often as needed.  We want to make sure any changes in life circumstances are updated in your plan.  We do all of this to ensure that your assets are protected for your life and your families’.

We Can Help You Find a Financial Advisor

Our unique system gives you the same accessibility to a personal family lawyer that was previously considered only possible if you were wealthy.  With our firm you get the guidance you need to build and maintain a lifelong wealth management plan.  Part of that planning will include financial instruments to keep your family afloat.  Life insurance is a great one and so is a retirement plan through employment (where sometimes there is a match to contributions).  As you may already know, when you are younger these instruments are much more affordable.   So in all seriousness get as much insurance as you can afford if you are still young and healthy.

We Will Strive to Return Your Phone Calls in a Timely Manner

We know your questions and concerns are of utmost importance so if you have to leave a message will call you back at first opportunity.  If we need to call you back, you won’t have to wait days to hear from us. We strive to return your calls within hours, so you get your questions answered while you still remember you had a question.  Anytime you need to speak directly with the attorney for more in-depth call we’ll calendar a mutually-convenient time for a call so we don’t waste your time playing “telephone tag.”

At Utah Family Estate Plans we Understand That Your Family Wealth is not All About Your Property we understand that financial wealth is just part of your family wealth, the most important “family wealth” is your human assets who are the reason we are dedicated to helping you protect “all” of your assets.

An estate plan that plans for everyone you love and everything you have is the foundation for a life of success.  At Utah Family Estate Plans our approach is to be certain you are confident with what we are doing every step of the way. We will discuss and review every decision with you as many times as it takes to make certain you are comfortable with your estate plan.  With our planning you pass on your whole family wealth, including your family legacy.

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If This Sounds Good To You Let’s Get Started

If this sounds like the kind of relationship you are looking for, please call us at (801) 485-3717.  We want to be your family lawyer for life so we would love to meet with you soon to begin deciding how to care for your family.

We here at Utah Family Estate Plans want to be “your lawyers for life“.  We are also one of just a few Utah law firms to have earned the designation of Personal Family Lawyer® by the Family Wealth Planning Institute, a national organization dedicated to providing affordable access to a lifetime relationship with a personal lawyer.